Once upon a time in blogland

If I had to tell you my whole story, it would not be a fairy tale. Sure, there would be love and wickedness….. maybe even a whole lot of sleeping, but it would be lacking in the magical creatures that help clean the house. In my opinion, that is obviously the most appealing part of any good fairy tale.

animalsBut once upon a time, a few years ago, I had another blog. One that was doing okay. I made blog friends. I shared children’s activities and my life, and I thought maybe I could do this blogging thing forever.

But, unbeknownst to me, an unfortunate twist in the plot lurked in my happy little story.  I’m not ready to share that part yet, but I walked away from the wreckage of what once was a single mother who is trying to pull her life together, even though life is already in progress. Thus, this new little blog was born. A fresh start. A new chance. And I’m grabbing it with my one hand. The other one is holding on tight to the hand of a quite lovely six year old boy.



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