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Life lately


Things slow way down for us in the summer. I don’t send my mini to camps of any sort, due to lack of funds, and the fact that we simply are busy already without them. I personally feel like it is important to have free time, and time to be bored so you can work your imagination. Life lately has been a lot of this:

Summer 2
Teddy, Stampy, and Smudge in repose

The pets are starting to get used to the kitten. Ignore the kid pjs stuffed in the corner of the couch. We like to keep it real, on Life Already in Progress.

summer 3
Sugar and Gilda, world’s most patient alpacas

We have been taking full advantage of all the local libraries summer programs. They are free and there are so many to pick from. This one was a local farm that raises alpacas. The mini and I learned a lot about them, and we got to pet them. And now I wish I had enough room for at least two of my own, because you can’t have just one. Also did you know the natural predator of alpacas are DOGS?!?! I wonder what they would think of our tiny Teddy. 

We have been spending a lot of time in our small backyard pool. The kiddo likes to bring his ponies swimming. I like to dip my feet in the pool and read. Although occasionally, I admit, I have donned my bathing suit and went in with him. It isn’t perfect for swimming, but it does get the job done when it’s ninety degrees out.

In the mornings, and sometimes on rainy days, we watch YouTube. He wishes he could watch it all the time. But I try to limit the tv viewing, because I’m such a mean mommy. Summer 5

And we live in a small seaside coastal New England town. We are blessed with countless beautiful beaches of all kinds. A few times of week, we slather ourselves in super strong sun block and head to one. This is our secret favorite. It isn’t too deep, there are no waves, and best of all, for me, it is completely free. The kiddo likes the fact that we can spend hours there and it isn’t too crowded, there is lots of sea life, and a super cool play ground right next to it.

What have you been up to lately?


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