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Soundtrack of our Summer, Part Uno

Music is so strongly connected to many of my memories. If I somehow hear the song, “Tootsie Roll” I am suddenly transplanted back into my middle school gym, big glasses and middle school dance nerves and all.

This summer here is what I’m listening to, either willingly or unwillingly. Little Logan has definite song preferences too. So we take turns.

Anything and everything Taylor Swift. I know some people hate her, but we both adore/love/ dance like crazy to T. Swift. Our most favorite currently is “Bad Blood.”

Then of course, there is Swiftie’s current bestie, Ed Sheeran. That man’s music is like my high school poetry but a thousand times better. If I was red headed and a man, he could be me.

And now for two of the kiddo’s picks. You are super welcome in advance.

I have a love/hate relationship with Miranda. I love love love her. She is creative and funny. I hate when my six year old talks to me in her voice. He is only allowed to watch a few of her videos, being six and all, but this is his favorite.

And then there is this super combo song.


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