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The perfect Sunday

I don’t have any pictures to go with this post. Just picture the little guy from Life Lately at the beach and that was today. We had a lazy morning wake up, where he drew and colored and I sipped my morning coffee and perused Pinterest.

Once we were packed and ready, we headed off to the beach. Logan, the boyfriend, and I picnicked on a light blue blanket that was spread out under a tree. Once we were done, we swam for hours. We watched the little minnows swirling around our legs and Logan practiced going under water. The boyfriend and the little goofed around until Logan was giggling uncontrollably. The sun shone the whole time, and we went for ice cream cones afterwards, to celebrate National Ice Cream day. It felt peaceful and happy. Two things that I had been missing out on for many years. We didn’t focus on the fact that the dad didn’t come pick up Logan yet again. Or the nine million other things orbiting our life right now. Instead, it was just the three of us, outside, starting something new and different. Sometimes this new chapter feels scary. Other times it feels overwhelming, but today…. it felt happy and promising.


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