Parenting Divorce guilt

Divorce Parenting alone

This is going to be a rambling, all over the place middle of the night post. The little one has taken to not being able to sleep. He refuses to go back to bed himself saying that he is too afraid. He has been doing it multiple times a night, sometimes up to four times. I am exhausted. I’ve read many things about ways to get kids to fall asleep and stay asleep, but none of them seem to be helping. It makes me worried that it is because of the divorce, and that I have failed him as a parent, by ending my marriage. Not only that, but when his dad does occasionally take him, he no longer wants to sleep over there. I have asked and talked and asked more about why he doesn’t. He just says he wants to be with me…… but he was doing it fine a few weeks ago. Actually, he was asking to spend more time over there, but now he never asks. I’m afraid that they were mean to him. They being dad, his girlfriend of almost a year, and her older daughter. I can’t talk to his dad, because my phone number is blocked and when I text he doesn’t respond until he checks with his new girl. I tried to reach out to talk to him, but they seem to think that I say bad things about them, and that is why he is acting this way. I don’t, and I feel lost and hopeless. Since the moment he was born, my child has been my world, and I promised I would protect and take care of him. Now I feel like I am failing him. I feel like he is keeping secrets from me, because I know they tell him to. When I ask what he did with dad, he almost always says, “I forget.” And he has never forgot a thing in his life. He could tell me what I was wearing the day we went to Target and bought a specific pony, but he can’t remember what he did a few hours ago? I have never shown him that I am stressed about any of this. I act excited and happy that he gets to spend time with dad and I talk about what fun he will have. I’m genuinely at a loss.


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