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Summer Fun: Sunflower Field

Every year, the kiddo and I create a summer bucket list of super duper fun activities to do. In our little corner of New England, there is always one thing that never ever moves off the list. A local dairy farm makes their own homemade ice cream. Every year, they plant a huge field of sunflowers, and for the whole week, 100% of their proceeds go to Make-a-Wish. We love supporting causes, and taking pictures in the beautiful field of flowers. I have been bringing the kiddo there since he was a new baby.

sunflowers 1There is something grounding about standing in the same place year after year. It is like I blinked and the little baby I once had is suddenly a full fledged small-kinda-getting-big kid.

sunflowers 3He loves any and all flowers. And he still sniffs all the ones he can reach. He’s able to reach a lot more now. He kept declaring each one beautiful and smiling at me, oblivious of the yellow pollen all over his nose.

sunflowers 2It was a great little outing. And the homemade mint chocolate chip (for me) and peppermint stick (for the boys) ice cream was quite delicious too.


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