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Friday Favorites #1

Every Friday, I am going to post things I have seen around the internet that I totally LOVE this week. Usually, I’ll find most of my stuff via Pinterest, because I have a serious addiction to late night pinning. You can follow me here.

First off this week, I am loving my new vintage plates! I found a set of them for five dollars in great shape. I needed something new that didn’t remind me of the fact that they plates I was using were from my wedding. They are vintage-y and totally my style.

vintage platesSeriously guys, my love affair with my bread maker continues. Say what you want about carbs, there is something homey about  fresh cooked bread This week I made my own cinnamon raisin bread that I’m going to use for french toast. It made my house smell heavenly!


I have also been loving the idea of getting this house more organized. And one way that I am attempting to do it is with printables. This free printable, from Thirty Handmade Days is the perfect way to keep track of dinners for the week, and help make a grocery list.

Picture by Mique, of Thirty Handmade Days
Picture by Mique, of Thirty Handmade Days


And lastly, we have basically been living at the beach, and I am hyper vigilant about protection from the sun since I am very fair. I would love a floppy beach hat like this one from Target. I love bright colors and sun protection so it is a win win!


What are some of your favorite things that you came across this week?



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