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Weekly Meal Plan, Week #1

This week, low key, using what we have already on hand is on the menu. There are some nights where we will pull out of our freezer for easy quick meals prior to going to the beach or to bring along for a picnic dinner.

Monday- Our weekly pizza night with family movie!

Tuesday- Steak with Weight Watchers veggie fried rice (which is very very delicious and doesn’t taste like healthy food)

Wednesday- Beach Picnic! Meatball grinders, using our freezer meatballs we already made and fruit or chips or both

Thursday- Breakfast for dinner! Either a crustless quiche or omelets to use up any veggies that are starting to go!

Friday- BBQ! BBQ chicken with salad

Saturday- Leftovers

Sunday- New recipe! Bacon Ranch chicken casserole

For breakfasts we do a combination of cereal, eggs, and green smoothies

Lunches: L’s go to lunch is hummus, crackers, string cheese with fruit or veggies, or snacky type lunch.  I like salads and wraps and leftovers

Snacks: Yogurt, fruit, veggies,

Dessert: ice cream, sherbert, fruit and cottage cheese, or dream whip pie 🙂

I really try to use what we have on hand and the cheapest, healthiest, and yummiest ways to get fruits and veggies into the kiddo.

What is your favorite meal?


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