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Goals follow up and Week #3

Let’s review my lofty goals for this week.

  1. Make an art project with the mini.
  2. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Make an appointment to see my therapist.
  4. Start doing yoga.

Ok. SO I was a massive failure at almost all of these. We did make art projects…… a garden stone and water balloon painting. Everything else, not even close. I drank coffee like I breathe air. I think there might have been a bottle of wine or two in there as well. Appointments…. I made a bunch for lots of other doctors, but I avoided the memorized therapist number like the plague. And yoga? I think I stretched putting my dishes away on the second shelf of my cabinet. But this week is a new week. I can do hard things. Ugh…. that sounded dirty. I can do DIFFICULT things.

So this week…. here we go. Goals. I have them!

  1. Actually make an appointment with my therapist. I’m super glued together while everyone is around, but a gigantic fucking mess when I’m alone.
  2. Look into actually making an ebay store. Go thrifting, which isn’t hard because I LOOOOVE to do that.
  3. Also, money minded, look into getting into a direct sales program. I’m leaning towards Beachbody so I could get my ample booty into gear and actually start working out myself.
  4. Okay…. one more. Parenting! Practice, practice, practice sight words and math facts with the kiddo to gear back up for school.

Cross your fingers and toes for me.


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