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Happiness Challenge

Stressed. That is how I would describe myself often now. There are so many things up in the air. More substantial employment, child visitation, my house situation, that by the end of the day my anxiety is escalated to a point that I feel frazzled and grouchy. I never used to be this way. I know all about forgiveness and sending love and light out into the world and having it come back to you. But lately I’ve been sending love, light, and a gigantic f-you out there. I need to refocus or focus or release some of this icky stuff I’ve been feeling. So I am making an effort to notice the happy. The good….. display gratitude, if you will.


Each Sunday, I will share a collection of things that made me happy that week. I would love for anyone who is looking to focus on the happy to join in or share as well. I am hoping that being more positive minded will bring happier things my way. Might seem like hippy “shiz“, but honestly, I’ll rub patchouli all over me and dance to the goddess moon at this point if it helps.

moon goddessThat is me dancing to the moon, in case you were wondering. Namaste, or something.


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