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Meal Plan Week #2, yo

Another week, and another meal plan. Too bad food couldn’t cook itself…although it does help a bit when you have a chef for a boyfriend.

Monday- Pizza and family movie night!!!!

Tuesday- Roast pork with salad

Wednesday- promised the kiddo nachos. Everyone personalizes his or her own. L will probably have cheese, sour cream, salsa and tomatoes. I will throw just about any veggie known to man and pineapple on top of mine. The boyfriend is a veggie hater, he’ll probably never look at me the same.

Thursday- Freezer meal Thursday! Woohoo… tasty meal with little to no effort. It is the last of my swiss cheese chicken bake thing-y. Except it doesn’t have swiss cheese, it uses pepper jack and no cream of chicken…. its not for me. It is kinda improvised at this point to cater to our tastes. We serve it over egg noodles. It is one of my fella’s favorite meals, and I like it too, because it is super easy.

Friday-Burrito bowls. One of my absolute favorites. I’m a lover of any kind of Mexican food. We will use up all the leftover nacho stuff. We try really hard to not waste food. Nothing is sadder than throwing away food/money.

Saturday-Leftovers or Breakfast for dinner

Sunday-Roast chicken, cranberry sauce, salad

Breakfast are generally always the same. I made a batch of pancakes, there is cereal and oatmeal and green smoothies. My favorite go to recipe is chocolate almond milk, strawberries, half of a frozen banana, and a GIGANTIC handful of organic baby spinach. Sometimes I add a little bit of PB2 or peanut butter. It is SUPER delicious. I could drink this every day. My little one could too.

Lunch- Leftover, salads, sandwiches. Logan has hummus, crackers, and veggies coming out of his ears he eats it so often.

And for dessert I made jello, raspberry sorbet, or ice cream. There’s things like yogurt and fruit, but let’s be real…. ice cream wins.

Are you trying any new recipes this week? Or perhaps an old favorite? If you are looking for ideas, always feel free to check out my Pinterest boards. There are thousands of recipes there just waiting to be tried!


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