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Kid Fun: Water Balloon Painting

One of my goals for this week was to create some art with the kiddo. We decided to try water balloon painting.

The supplies you’ll need:

  • Canvas
  • Paint, preferably washable
  • Thumb tacks
  • Smart water bottle(s)
  • water balloons
  • Patience, lots
  • The ability to tie water balloons

First thing first, the easy part. Take thumb tacks and stick them all over your canvas so that when you throw the balloons, they will burst. Here is what our canvas looked like. Honestly, you really need that many tacks but I wanted to make sure.


For me, the hard part was filling the water balloons. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting messy because is a chance that the balloon will slip out of your hand splattering paint all over you and your deck. Also, don’t fill the balloons in your kitchen or your deck. Just a guess, not like I know this from experience or anything. To see how to fill the balloons, check out this YouTube video.

Next go outside to a spot you don’t mind getting messy and give your kid the bucket of balloons to hurl. I put the kid in his bathing suit so he could hose off if he really needed to.

water balloon painting 1We are doing the painting in sessions so the paint didn’t all run together and create a lovely shade of brown. But so far it is looking great.

11846628_10100963969898847_8534427635672224139_nThis was a lot of fun. We added more colors but I haven’t taken pictures yet. It will be a nice colorful addition to hang on the walls once it is finished!


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