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I have lots of dreams. Some are more realistic then others,but here are just a handful of those I’ve had lately…..

Open an etsy shop selling dream catchers.

Get the type of hair that is gorgeous wavy and wear long flow-y things that look okay with my large girls and not like a tent.

Ohhh…. find a bra that is my actual size and not tan, white, or seven trillion dollars.

Open an ebay shop, so I can spend my time hunting through thrift stores until I find the one thing that I will cash in big on.

Win money off a scratch off ticket. Just once.

Have more babies. Babies are cute. I love being a parent. I want some.

Learn how to control my anxiety. It might sound quirky, but it’s less funny, more all consuming and frustrating.

Have T. Swift find out L’s a huge fan and decide to interact with him in some way like she did when she visited those kids, or paid for the kid’s college. Logan would be the happiest kid EVER.

Not be super jaded, and just love as freely as I used to. I am terrified of being broken hearted again. I don’t want to  get tangled up in the what ifs or the future.


Make coffee at home that tastes like Dunkin Donuts. They put some sort of magic in it. I don’t know what it is.


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