Goals follow up and more

I love making goals. Big or small, I like to feel like I am improving or working towards something. That being said, I think that I am going to turn this little segment into a monthly post.

  1. Actually make an appointment with my therapist. I did this!!! Woohoo! Here’s to becoming decidedly more sane. Hopefully.
  2. Look into actually making an ebay store. I have been researching this. I already have a name for it. Until I make the jump, I am currently decluttering and selling unwanted stuff on facebook yard sale sites.
  3. Also, money minded, look into getting into a direct sales program. I have gone to a few meetings and televised information sessions. I am still leaning towards beachbody. I need to get the money together to join. I am hoping an investment into the company will lead to an investment in better health as well as helping other people achieve their health goals.
  4. Practice, practice, practice sight words and math facts with the kiddo to gear back up for school. We have been doing this in many ways. Hopefully little L will be all ready for first grade.

Now onto the rest of the monthly goals for August!

  1. In blogging, I think I want to get an organizer. Get out there more and make more connections. I really love blogging, and I have been using it as an outlet to journal, be creative, and organize my life. I am enjoying it and want to get better at it.
  2. Parenting- This is going to sound counterproductive with the last goal, BUT, I want to get way more unplugged for the next few weeks before school starts. As summer is winding down we have been playing Minecraft and being connected to media a little bit more than I like to be. So, everyday, for the rest of the summer, I want to go on an adventure with the kiddo.
  3. Build a budget. I am really looking into Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. I am in a place right now where everything is up in the air, and I need to start rebuilding my life financially as well.

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