Happiness Challenge Week 1

Today you get two posts, chickadees! As I mentioned last week, I was planning on making a more conscious effort to focus on the good in my life.


Sunday- Lazy Sundays with the fella are nice. We binge watched a bit of Netflix, and I baked cinnamon banana bread. Baking almost always makes me happy.

Monday- Got a bunch of new library books from the library. I adore reading and libraries.

Tuesday- a lazy rainy day at home. After a rough afternoon, I cuddled in bed with the kiddo midday until he calmed down and we told each other all our thoughts.

Wednesday- I played a ridiculously long time with my cats and a stringy toy they have. Kittens are super adorable and over animated in everything they do. We all laughed so hard. Logan had a play date and I made new friends. Both the boyfriend and I got called for interviews. AND we saw a bunch of huge meteors streaking across the sky. It felt special and romantic.

Thursday- The boyfriend got a new job! Yay!!!!!!!!!! I had a interview for a second job as a nanny. It went very well. AND, I made the decision to become a Beach body coach. I am looking forward to changing my life for the positive!

Friday- We had a fun appetizer for dinner thing. We went off our meal plan for the week, but it was entirely too much fun. It felt party-ish.

Saturday- We went to a local event called Family Fun at the Farm. It was at a school for kids who are at risk, disabled, or foster kids. They take care of animals that were homeless, disabled, or at risk themselves. It was a really inspiring event. Plus I got to pet a million animals, which is always the best time ever, for me!

Looking back at this week, I can already see that even when things feel dismal, there is happiness in every day. It is really what you choose to focus on that forces perspective in your life. Did anything great happen to you this week? I’d love to hear about it!


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