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Meal Plan, Week #3

This week is a budget friendly one. Funds are tight, so I am doing a lot of shopping from my freezer and pantry! I am just stocking up on produce and milk.

Sunday-grill day! Chicken kabobs!

Monday- Our weekly family pizza and movie night!

Tuesday- Salad bar! Lot’s of veggies, left over proteins, and choices of dressing! Requires a little bit of prep, but everyone can customize their own salad. Plus the kiddo gets extra veggies, which makes for a happy mom.

Wednesday- Strawberry margarita tacos. A new recipe that I haven’t tried. I like margaritas, strawberries, and tacos. Hoping this one is a winner!

Thursday- Bacon chicken ranch casserole. Another new recipe using ingredients I have on hand. Pasta is usually not a battle with the little one, and this one has lots of things that he likes in it!

Friday- Use it up! This is a leftovers dinner! Use up what’s left in the fridge from the week!

Saturday- Grill day! I’m trying to enjoy summer as much as possible. I’m thinking most likely hamburgers with salad!


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