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Black Cat Appreciation Day, A day late

A lot of people believe that black cats are bad luck. I can firmly say, that my lovely kitty, Humphrey is anything but. 6c10714b3c0b2bbba8e585d9fe7167d0

That is not Humphrey. Here he is:

Humphrey 1Humphrey came to my house when the boyfriend moved in. He is the biggest animal we have. He’s even bigger than the dog. But, he wasn’t always so big. When he was a baby he was abandoned in a box in a parking lot. The boyfriend found him and took him home. He lived with the boyfriend for a while, just the two of them. He enjoyed curling up in his lap while the boyfriend drank coffee and played video games. He liked to try to knock down each of the Legos that the boyfriend collected, with a special affinity for Luke Skywalker’s land speeder. I think that’s what it is called…. I am neither a lego or Star Wars expert. He specialized in making forts in blankets and sleeping. But he was always the sole cat. When I came into the picture, and met Humphrey, I adored him, which wasn’t a big surprise given that I am an animal lover. I would bring him toys to play with and let him lay on the bed with me while we waited for the boyfriend to get home. I fell in love with the boyfriend, and I have always felt that the way people treat animals can say a lot about a person. Well, his love for his pet made me love him even more.

Humphrey 3

When he moved here, we were worried how Humphrey would get along with the rest of my crew. All three of us already loved each other, but how would a cat used to being alone handle a kid, a dog, and two other cats? At first it was rough. He was afraid. There was fighting and hiding, but soon, he started to like it here. He got to play with new friends. He was never lonely and there was a kid here who liked these toys called ponies, which Humphrey enjoys hoarding and then cleaning their hair.

Humphrey 2 Once the kitten came, he was even happier. Humphrey had someone to play with and they are the ultimate besties. Black cats are the least likely to get adopted from animal shelters. If you are looking to adopt, I would definitely suggest not ruling out adding one to your family. There has been a lot of bad things portrayed about black cats, but honestly beside his love for occasionally chasing toes and excessive eating, our black kitty has been nothing but pure love added to our house.


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