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Places I wish I could jump in my car and visit// Burlington, Vermont

New England is the loveliest little corner of the United States. Well…. ok. I might be biased. I live in New England, and I’ve never seen the other corners of the states. But I have always wished to travel and travel, and then travel some more. I used to joke that perhaps if there is such thing as a past life, I was a gypsy….. or maybe a pirate given my affinity for rum. I know I talked about dreams, but one of my greatest dreams is to travel cross country in an rv with my small little family. I’d roadschool Logan, get to spend all the time in the world with my guys, and the pets would probably eventually get used to the horror that is traveling in a car for them.

ROAD TRIPSI don’t have the rv yet, but I do have a car. So here are the places I wish I could visit within a few hours of my little coastal town.One of my favorite things to do when I am feeling down is to plan a virtual vacation. So, even if funds don’t allow it, I can plan a vacation that we will take in the future. Since it is almost autumn, and all, it would be the ideal time of year to make a trip up to Burlington, Vermont. I have never been there, but here are just a few of the things I would LOVE to do there!

I think we would need to make a trip to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory! While I can be honest and say that I am not the biggest fan of stuffed animals because I am literally drowning in them at my house, I think the little guy would love this and I would find it interesting to see how they are made!

Vermont teddy bear

You can’t go to New England without appreciating the gorgeous scenic views. So of course there would be hiking. We would need a kid friendly hike, since the little one has little legs which get tired easier. Burlington Vermont Mom’s blog offers info about six family friendly hikes. I love the ones that end at a waterfall!

Since we are close, we also would most likely visit the Lake Champlain chocolate factory. Oh who am I kidding…. with my love for chocolate and Logan’s sweet tooth growing in, we definitely would! You get to taste free chocolate. Free chocolate!!!!

And finally since I love all things eccentric, mystical, and fun, we would definitely spend some time at Lake Champlain looking for Champ, the lake monster!

I have even more ideas pinned about what we would do there and on other trips on my vacation and wanderlust boards on Pinterest if you would like to check it out! What kind of trip are you dreaming of going on currently?


One thought on “Places I wish I could jump in my car and visit// Burlington, Vermont

  1. Living in New England myself, I think we are both spoiled! I have done some traveling and not much compares to what we have right here at home! Love our oceans, mountains, lakes, and reservation areas, and wouldn’t even think of moving! Although you we may want revisit this in January thanks to our seemingly never ending winters!!

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