Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #4

This week has flown by. I barely even realized it was Friday until the library called because my books were overdue. We have been soaking up EVERY LAST MINUTE of summer vacation since the kiddo and I go back next week. My first day is his first day back. And I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits me. But I am certainly not ready to have a first grader. The things this week are based on family stuff that we all enjoy.

One of the things that was well worth the money I spent on it at the beginning of the summer was perler beads. I remember having them as a child, but I am not as artistically inclined as my kiddo is. His creations are AMAZING. He’s made anything from Minecraft, to ponies, to himself!

perler beads

Another of my favorite things lately has been YouTube’s channel AverageAsianDude’s channel. Whenever we get squirmy, we put this on and dance our wiggles (and grumpiness) away!

Lastly, we have been loving, adoring, spending a ridiculous amount of time in our teeny tiny backyard pool. I bought it for fifteen dollars at the beginning of the season, and it was worth every penny. The little guy has been swimming away in it almost every day this week since it has been a heat wave.
Summer 4Yeah, I’ve been known to don a bathing suit and hop in there too at times.

What have been your favorite things this week?

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