August Goals// How I did

So I had about two weeks in August to follow through with the rest of the goals I set for myself.

August goals

  1. In blogging, I think I want to get an organizer. Get out there more and make more connections. I really love blogging, and I have been using it as an outlet to journal, be creative, and organize my life. I am enjoying it and want to get better at it. So, I got an organizer. A super cute one with turquoise, my favorite color and adorable little designs. I wrote out lots of ideas for posts, and I followed some of it. I also did make some connections out there in blogland, which is great, and I have grown my following a bit! I’m still finding my way, but I have been researching the heck out of blogging!
  2. Parenting- This is going to sound counterproductive with the last goal, BUT, I want to get way more unplugged for the next few weeks before school starts. As summer is winding down we have been playing Minecraft and being connected to media a little bit more than I like to be. So, everyday, for the rest of the summer, I want to go on an adventure with the kiddo. We didn’t go on an adventure every day, but the last few days of summer were very low key. I really enjoy having the little guy with me. I already miss the summer!
  3. Build a budget. I am really looking into Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. I am in a place right now where everything is up in the air, and I need to start rebuilding my life financially as well. So, with the boyfriend starting a job and I going back to work, this seems possible. I have looked in lots of ways to bring money into my household, and have managed to find a way to bring money to the house in addition to regular work stuff. The first step of Dave Ramsey is to build a thousand dollar savings so that is what we will be focusing on for the time being.

Overall, the end of the month goals were a success. Working towards something keeps me from kind of squandering my time when I have some free time. Motivation, direction, ambition, those are all of the things that I have been lacking while I was busy grieving my divorce and binge watching Orange is the New Black. Keep an eye out for my September goals! They should be out shortly!

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