Kid Movies that Parents won’t hate

It is no secret that I adore a fun family movie night. We pop popcorn, and cuddle up on the couch, and just enjoy each others’ company while we watch something that is family friendly. I know everyone has different definitions for what is kid approved, but for us, we generally let Logan guide us. He really wanted to watch a superhero movie which had no blood or violence, but just a little bit through he deemed it as far too scary for someone his age. So sometimes we are hard pressed to find a movie that he will enjoy and that won’t be pure torture for us. The Super Buddies movies…. I’m looking at you.

Kid MoviesHere are some of the movies that have recently made the cut, and I have found that I have actually really enjoyed.

Hotel TransylvaniaI actually love this movie. It is about a hotel exclusively for monsters that was created to keep them safe from humans. Unfortunately, a human stumbles upon this resort and the teenage daughter and him become fond of one another much to her father, Dracula’s chagrin. The movie is adorable and silly enough for the younger set to enjoy. The message that people shouldn’t be judged by preconceived notions is one that adults can appreciate. The family and I often find ourselves still quoting this movie.

spy kids

One suddenly rainy afternoon, we were stuck in the house and had already built forts, and colored, and played, and read a million books, so we perused Netflix and came across Spy Kids. There are four movies, and so far we have watched three. They are basically about two kids who parents were spies, and they become spies and save the day. This appealed to me because deep down, I have always wanted to BE a spy. If i was totally honest, I’d make a rotten spy since I am not very sneaky, deceptive, or good at keeping secrets, but while watching this movie I could pretend for a while.

Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph is amazing. It is colorful and full of old video game references. Ralph is a villian in a video game who is tired of being the bad guy. He goes on a journey to change the way other characters see him. Along the way he meets Vanellope, who is a glitch in the game. Everyone tells her she doesn’t belong either, but they show that differences aren’t always a bad thing. It does have a few scary parts, according to my six year old, but his video game loving side won out and he was able to get through the whole thing.

Of course there are the typical ones that I love too. Pretty much any Disney or Pixar movie is a win for me. Except for Toy Story 3. I watched it once, and cried so ridiculously hard that I may have permanently damaged my tear ducts. What kid movies do you love? Or better yet, do you absolutely hate?


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