Meal Plan Sunday #6

Breakfasts this week consist of quick yummy eats. Green smoothies, as always are my favorite. But I am also going to be replenishing my freezer full of blueberry as well as chocolate chip pancakes. I’m thinking of making some sort of other freezer breakfast food too. Maybe breakfast burritos.

Sunday- BBQ ribs and pasta salad! Yum!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday-Pizza and movie night!

Tuesday-We are using some of our homemade meatballs to make one of Logan’s favorite meals!

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Meatballs.  The sauce will knock your socks off! Also has links to other slow cooker recipes

Wednesday- My special secret romantic surprise dinner, for the boyfriend. Child included, most likely. 🙂

Thursday- Breakfast for dinner! Omelets with extra veggies. Maybe some bacon.

Friday-Irish Nacho, another favorite!

Sweet Potato Irish Nachos | Skinnytaste:

Saturday- Use it up leftovers!


2 thoughts on “Meal Plan Sunday #6

  1. You are organized Justine, wheeew!! That said, could borrow some ideas on here 🙂

    while at it, I am musing that ‘leftover day’ is Saturday, like it is at my home 🙂 2AM in Kenya, got to sleep, or I will be hazing all day tomorrow. Glad to come across your blog, and your life stories.


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