Happiness Week #4

Oh happiness! Happy day, my friends. This week was a up and down roller coaster for me emotionally. Despite the troubling times, I am still able to find the good in each day. This is an exercise that is not too easy for me, but it is getting more natural than it ever was!

think happy thoughts

Monday- A day full of happiness. I got home early from work, I worked on my orders for my wooden growth charts, and cuddled with Teddy. Logan and I had a pizza night and ran through the sprinkler!

Logan sprinkler

Tuesday- The family and I went to a back to school picnic. The kiddo played and the boyfriend made me laugh, and we walked out of the school all holding hands.

Wednesday-I had the whole day off with my guy. Enough said.

Thursday-I went to my therapist. I was able to talk and talk and get a bunch of stuff that had been weighing on me off my shoulders.

Friday-I completed a bunch more of my craft orders while listening to Rob Thomas. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish!

Saturday-The boyfriend got a raise! Woohoo!

Sunday-Today I am going to nap and catch up on blogging! I am not having the best day, but focusing on the good will help the day to turn around!

How was your week?


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