Meal Plan time, again!

On Monday, I am going to explain to you the reason I am a devout meal planner. I guess I don’t have to share my meal planning with you, but who doesn’t like looking at pictures of food? I know I do.

Sunday- We are having leftovers from an abundant amount of food left in the refrigerator.

Monday- Pizza and movie night. Maybe a wonderful afternoon walk thrown in if the weather is actually nice!

Tuesday- BBQ pulled pork…. It is not exactly this recipe, because the boyfriend is a cook and makes his wonderful, super delcious bbq sauce. I think we might have it with a veggie plus corn on the cob.

BBQ Pulled Pork (Crock Pot Recipe!) - We had this for dinner tonight... Totally delish!! (I may have added a little/lot of extra BBQ) :):
Iowa Girl Eats

Wednesday- New recipe! Spanish arroz con pollo.

Thursday- lasagna rolls with a giant side salad!

Caprese Lasagna Roll Ups:
From Cooking Classy

Friday-Leftovers or breakfast for dinner!

Saturday- The local garlic festival! Every year, I eat as much garlic as possible, plus for dessert there is garlic fudge!

Breakfast consist of pumpkin muffins, green smoothies, pancakes, and hard boiled eggs.

Lunches: The usual hummus, crackers, string cheese, fruit for the kiddo when he is here. I have leftovers or salads.

What is your favorite go to meal? I’m always looking for new recipes, feel free to share in a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Meal Plan time, again!

    1. My dad is the first generation in his family to be born in America. His parent’s are from Italy! I basically was raised eating garlic in lots of my food. The garlic festival features really garlicky food, but i probably shouldn’t breathe on anyone after it! Haha!


      1. aha!! now it makes sense! 🙂 didn’t know you are of Italian descent. pretty cool! and you are right about not breathing on anyone, by say a radius of 100 meters 😀 😀 😀


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