Fall Bucket List 2015

I know it is not quite here yet, but I adore the fall. It is my ultimate favorite month, with summer coming in close second mostly because I have vacation. But even with returning to the job, I love love love the cooler weather. Most of you probably already know I am a crazy list maker, since I constantly make list about me, my goals, and my favorite things. The change of the seasons is no different. I always make a list of activities I want to do with the family.

Fall bucket listThis fall, I have big plans. Here are the things that are a must do for this fall!

  1. Drink apple cider at a local cider factory (did this)!
  2. Go apple picking
  3. And pumpkin picking
  4. Trick or Treat at the aquarium
  5. The Local Garlic festival (Completed)!
  6. Try letterboxing
  7. Go on a spooky nature trail
  8. Start a new Thanksgiving tradition
  9. Tag our Christmas tree
  10. Enjoy the fall foilage
  11. Take the boyfriend somewhere new
  12. Go bowling
  13. Make warm apple cider to enjoy outside on the deck
  14. Logan’s birthday party!

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