Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites// Around my house

Yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer, no? Well, rejoice my friends, because it is time to focus on the positive and my favorite things this week! This week I’m talking about things I love around my house. Here is what I could not live without this week!

  1. MY BED. I haven’t been feeling a hundred percent and I haven’t been subbing because I have felt so icky. I’ve been sleeping the day away in my super cozy, comfy bed. I don’t have an actual picture of it, but pretend this is me:
  2. My kiddo. Hands down he never fails to keep me laughing. He is always saying I’m the best mommy and just my favorite to be around.Logan glasses
  3. The boyfriend. He has been incredibly helpful and sweet. Even after a long day at work he has been staying up late and rubbing my back to help me fall asleep. He is willing to patiently reassure me when I am a being a hypochondriac and I think I have the black plague.
  4. Phil and me 2
    Sleepy heads on the way home from NYC

It was really the most important things for me this week. Not in the order listed, of course!


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