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The Vow

I absolutely love my computer, blogging and social media. LOVE it. If I have a free moment, I generally don’t think anything of checking my facebook or starting a new post. But…… my life lately has been having me evaluate things. I had a severe bout of the blues lately, and while I am connecting with people online and in my house, I feel like I’ve been too connected to those who do not inhabit these four walls. At least while the little one and the boyfriend are awake, I’m going to try to scale back on the time I spend distracted.

I want to be tuned into my life. Not distracted by others’ lives. I am going to commit to reading more books with my kiddo, spending more time outdoors, building more blanket forts. I recently have been working on my 101 things in 1001 days, and I’m going to be focusing on that. The struggle I’ve been feeling has caused me to regress and withdraw from my life in order to keep me and my family in this protective little bubble. It’s time to branch out and embrace new things, make new memories, and shape our family the way we want. I think I’ll start today.


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