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Pinterest Project: Growth Chart

My middle sister is having her first baby. We are semi-estranged because of my parents but before all of that, we were very very close. So when I was invited to her baby shower, I really was at a loss about what I should do. I wanted to go, but I felt very uncomfortable about seeing my whole family which had basically disowned me with the exception of my nana and my baby sister, who would never disown anyone. As I mentioned before, my youngest sister has Down Syndrome and lives at home with my parents so when they cut me out of their lives, they essentially cut me out of her life too. I hadn’t seen her in over a year after seeing her and spending time with her multiple times a week, and honestly that was mainly the reason that I decided to suck it up and go.

When I told my mom I would go, she responded, “Do you even have a gift?” I said yes, although I did not have one. YET. I needed to find something that was cute, unique, and that couldn’t be critiqued and put down. I decided I would make my sister a wooden growth chart to hang on the wall to keep track of her little one’s growth throughout the years. And since it is likely they will move in the next few years, this way she could take this with her to wherever they may go next. My inspiration was this Pinterest pin by 517 Creations:

I followed the instructions pretty much to a tee, and I ended up with this:

growth chart

Not too bad, right? My sister liked it, and I have since made a few more for people locally for a profit. I figure that this was a Pinterest success!


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Project: Growth Chart

  1. I feel terrible when I read about your situation with the family 😦 hugs Justine.

    I loooove this DIY gift. it is handy, practical and personalized! Congrats to your sister!


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