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Blog Advice: Blog breaks and such

I promise I didn’t intend to take this couple day blogging break. The migraine that knocked me out flat on the other hand had other plans. I am on the mend, but yikes! It was rough. The first time I had a migraine I was in seventh grade. They were these horrid things that lasted for days. I couldn’t leave my bed or get relief. I eventually went on medication for them. I haven’t been on the medication for them for a couple of years but I haven’t had any. I went off my birth control this month and I think the incredible influx of hormones caused it. This is an area where I have to be careful. My OCD is always there telling me to escalate my worry that maybe it just isn’t a simple headache…… it is a path I try to avoid at all cost.It can spiral downward quickly.

This little break did remind me that I need to have some back up blogs ready and an editorial calendar that I follow. I really enjoy blogging, and want grow this little blog into something that others enjoy too, so I have to keep those goals in mind. Fellow bloggers, do you have a blogging calendar, or do you just write whenever you feel like it?


4 thoughts on “Blog Advice: Blog breaks and such

  1. I try to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Wednesday is a re-occurring post (Random Thoughts Wednesday) so those are always really easy for me. As for the other 2 days, I just am always thinking about the next thing I want to put on the blog. And I jot down some notes in the drafts and then work on them when I can.


  2. Wheew! editorial calendar!!! I agree.This month I have posted everyday, so it has been a little easy with the planning. Sorry about the migraines Justine.


  3. Between 2004-2006 I used to blog on average four or five times a month (although at the start it was 2-3 times a week, a few times twice in one day, but averaged out to that 4-5 times a month over the two years). 2006-2008 it dropped to about twice a month on average. Aug ’08 – Dec ’08 nothing. Jan – Jun ’09 nothing. Posted a bit in June 2009 then retired from blogging to the old site or anywhere for a long, long time. Tried to start a few new blogs about 4 years later in 2013, but that went nowhere. Tried a few others since – have a (non infidelity related, hence known to friends and family) blog that’s been decreasing post frequency to about once a month again, and then I have THIS piece of sh#%}{ where I get to be the angry screwed over husband (ie my real self) – obviously no-one in my ‘immediate’ personal sphere knows that one. Posting here surprisingly regularly. Anger seems to be a great motivator – the reason I stopped the original 2004-2008/09 blog was because I wasn’t an ‘angry young man’ by the time I did, that’s why post frequency was dropping. I don’t do so well writing when everything is going well …


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