Happiness Challenge// Week #5

I think I am finally creeping out of the grips of my nightmare migraine. I woke up this morning and it was fall like and sunshine-y, and I opened the windows and Logan and I played outside. Autumn is my most favorite season because New England is drop dead gorgeous this time of year. This week was mostly a good one, despite being under the weather and I wanted to bring back my focus on daily happiness both big and small!

Sunday- After a semi-gloomy lonely day for me, I snuggled my kiddo and read loads of bedtime stories.

Monday: The boyfriend got submitted for a raise!

Pretty much the most sucessful way to function in a life of total uncertainty...also cookies with wine is the next logical step.
Tuesday: I went to the curriculum night at L’s school. I am grateful he has a wonderful teacher.

Wednesday:Today was a rough rough subbing day for me. It was at a new school in multiple classes. I didn’t know anyone or know any of the kids names. I had to send a kid to the principal for the first time in my life for being unsafe in class. I was so bummed, but I got home and the boyfriend had helped clean the house, got me coffee, and let me decompress.

Thursday:I subbed at Logan’s school and it went much better. I got lots of hugs from kindergarteners, which is always nice.

Friday: Logan and I went on our thrift store hunting night. I didn’t really find anything but I love spending time with him and seeing him get so excited.

Saturday: After scraping together what we could, and saving here and there, one of my friends is selling us their car for a few hundred dollars, that we can pay in a few payments. So now we will have two cars and we won’t need to be figuring out schedules so we can both work more. Work more=more money.

I have had a great week, here’s to hoping there is another one next week!


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