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Family Fun: Visit a cider Mill

You can’t turn a corner in New England without running into some history. My tiny town has one of the oldest working cider mills in the country. I follow them on facebook and saw that they were opening a week earlier than normal, so I rounded up my guys and we decided to go to beat the crowds. I live in a very popular tourist town and after growing up there, I have learned some tricks. Never drive through the tourist area in summer, there is better local food than what is advertised in the tourist guides, and never go to the cider mill on the weekends or you will literally wait at least an hour in line.No kidding. I’m not a juice or cider fan, but the donuts are that good.

clydes 1
Homemade apple cider donuts

I have been taking the littlest one every year since he could chew on donuts. We always enjoy our first donut of fall on their colorful Adirondack chairs on their wrap around porch.  Little Lo gets an apple cup, which is filled with their straight from the mill cider.

clydes 2

We also brought a bit home to enjoy! But before we left, we saw this sign:

Clydes 3So of course we had to stop and sample their wines and hard ciders….. for free of course! The boyfriend is recently moved back to this area, so it was nice to share something we love to do with him. It isn’t a long trip, but once we go, it feels like we are ready for fall!


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