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Fall Reading List 2015

As the days get shorter, and it gets dark out earlier, I find that at night I enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and a good book before bed. All my life, I have been an avid reader but with the discovery of Netflix and social media, I don’t do it as much as I used to. This past year, it has been something I have turned back to as either a way to escape from stress or relax and unwind. These are the books that are on my list  to read this fall:

Sharp Objects, and Dark Places, both by Gillian Flynn

I have to be honest, I have only read Gone Girl, And I actually wasn’t a huge fan of it. I didn’t find the characters particularly likeable and I just couldn’t become really invested in it. I figured out the ending way ahead of time, and while I finished it, it was just okay for me. But people keep telling me to try her other books, so I am giving both of them a place on my reading list for this fall.

My therapist office has a free lending library to those who visit there. Perusing their shelves is one of my favorite things to do there, given the fact that I generally spend my forty-five minute session crying, and nothing perks me up after like a bunch of full bookcases while I wait to make my next appointment….. to cry again. I saw this book on the shelves and grabbed it, mistaking it for the super popular book that everyone is raving about, but it is a mystery, so I believe I will still give it a try.

Girl on a Train, by AJ Waines:

I recently finished reading The Hyponotist’s Love Story, by Liane Moriarty, and it was an enjoyable read. I have added a more popular well known book by her to my fall reading list to try out. What Alice Forgot,

And yes, sometimes I pick a book by its cover. So far these are on my reading list for this fall. But I am always looking for suggestions! What are you reading right now?


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