September Goals// How I did

With September wrapping up, I am looking at my goals to see how I did this month!

September goals

Parenting: Now that we won’t be swimming constantly, I want to find a way to keep us active and moving outdoors. I want to find a cheap or free activity to do together. We didn’t get to try letterboxing just yet, but we have been enjoying the outdoors by playing outside at least half an hour a day.

Love: The fella and I are both busy these days with work and kid wrangling. So, I want to make it a point to give him little surprises to let him know how much I think he is the bees’ knees. Whether it be notes or just extra hugs, I want him to know that I am so happy he is in my life! I think we did okay here! Honestly, this is an area of my life where I am extremely happy.

Blogging: I want to post at least twenty times this month. And comment on at least five blogs a day. Make connections, practice my craft. Get out there. I did this!!!! I made lots of connections. I even have a facebook page now!

Budget: I’m going to start building a savings account. Initially we really need to buy another car, but we need to save money to do that. Plus I want to start to make calls to pay down some owed hospital debts. OK…. so, big news on this front. We were able to save up enough to get a second car, which was desperately needed! Now, we do not have to work around each others’ schedules. Now I can take more substitute more days a week. I also called to figure out a payment plan for one of the hospital bills hanging over my head! So far, progress has been made.

Health:Work out at least three times a week. Until I can afford a new program, Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred…. here we go again, my old friend. Ugh. I can not get my tush in gear. I am struggling big time on this one, but I have a plan for the next month to give myself some accountability which might motivate me. This is a hard area for me to do when I feel down, and September was a bumpy month for me. I am just going to stay positive and October is a new month!

This and that:

Try at least four new recipes– I tried: Chicken and butternut squash stew, spaghetti squash lasagna, no bake peanut butter cookies, and beef stroganoff. All were hits, and will be made again!

Make crafts for the craft fair I signed up for- So far, I have a few things ready.

Take Teddy for morning walks- No morning walks, BUT he has been coming to the bus stop with me every day.

Find more subbing jobs- So far so good! They have been calling me every day. I have been working about three to four days a week. I’ll be able to work more now with another car!

Read with Logan twenty minutes a day everyday- I did this! We have been reading all kinds of books. And Lo’s reading ability is improving before my very eyes!

Start to journal.- Not yet, but I have a cute one ready!

So overall, I accomplished most of what I set out to do this month. I like doing these kind of posts because they hold me accountable. Keep an eye out for October’s goals. I’m starting to think of them now!


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