Weekly Meal Plan

Thank goodness it is a new month and pay day! Our cupboards were getting bare and our selections just didn’t seem to appeal to anyone, because we were sick of eating them! But new month and a new menu! Here is what is coming up this week for meals!

Breakfast: Like always smoothies, pancakes, eggs, or oatmeal. I might throw a baked French toast in there at some point if we have left over crusty bread.

Lunches: Leftovers, hot lunch (for the peanut), hummus, crackers, string cheese. We don’t get super creative for lunch generally. Maybe it is something I will look into in the future.

Dinner time! Okay so here we go!

Sunday: Pulled pork pasta. We have some pulled pork in our freezer, homemade bbq sauce, and tomato sauce. An easy hearty meal that the kid will eat because it is pasta! Win for everyone, as far as I’m concerned.

Pulled Pork Pasta
Image by Hidden Ponies

Monday: Pizza and movie night! Monster High’s Boo York is on Netflix! Logan loves these movies, and I actually enjoy them too.

Tuesday: New recipe: Chicken fajitas in the crock pot.

Wednesday: We may have some sort of chicken casserole. Probably the boyfriend’s favorite one served over egg noodles.

Thursday: Leftovers, naturally. Use up what is left in the fridge!

Friday: I am thinking and hoping that the boyfriend and I will have a date night this week. Logan may be with his dad, so maybe even our sometimes Chinese food, or pizza, or fried chicken, in bed party will be in order. We like to keep it classy!

Saturday: Hands down, this is one of our very favorite fall meals! The Pioneer Woman’s Sunday Night Stew with garlic mashed potatoes.

Sunday Night Stew
Image from The Pioneer Woman

So that is our week in meals! What are you planning on eating this week? I am always looking for new recipes, so I would love if you would share some with me!

xo, Justine


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