Kid fun

Kid’s toys I really love

My kiddo is a collector. One day if he is not careful, he will be living in a house filled to the brim with toys, both vintage and new. Either way, he has learned a lot about all of the toys out there. He watches them open those little blind bag Easter egg videos on YouTube. I don’t know if you have experienced this, but you should google it. And then be very very jealous of the grown adult who rakes in boat loads of cash for speaking calmly and opening chocolate eggs with toys in them.

I must admit though, there are kids collectible toys that I really do like. Here are a handful of toys that I am secretly digging.

All old and new My Little Pony toys. Little Logan has been a brony since before bronies were cool. He adores, loves, collects all things My Little Pony. He was a unicorn for Halloween one year. He is recently into finding the old toys at Goodwill trips, which he calls a “toy hunt,” but he likes them all. I really like the mystery minis. I have to admit, I watch this with him and I enjoy the fact that they have more obscure characters that he can play with.

Another collectible toy that I have been loving lately are the Funko Pop! toys! They have a million different kinds, but my most favorite as of late is Sadness from Inside Out. I’m thinking about going as her for Halloween!

As for toys that we use on a daily basis, Lego definitely takes the cake. We love all Lego sets. Logan is definitely into the Batman sets the most lately. I love that it is something that he and the boyfriend both enjoy and can do together. And I can have a moment of alone time, or join in on the fun too!

These are just a handful of the toys that I have don’t mind checking out in the stores when we go. What was or is your favorite toys these days?

xo, Justine


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