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Weekly Meal Plan

It is important to me to make home made food almost every day of the month.  If Logan had his way, he would eat McDonald’s every day. Probably for all three meals. But since that is neither healthy or budget friendly, I have to find something more cost effective. Here is what has been on the meal plan this week and is coming up!


Monday: Pizza and movie night! A new tradition since the boyfriend has come around. Homemade pizza and cuddling watching a movie! This week it was tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza.

Tuesday: We are actually having leftovers tonight. I’m tired and the boyfriend is working and I don’t feel like whipping up something new.

Wednesday: A family favorite! Sunday Beef Stew from the Pioneer Woman with garlic mashed potatoes. YUM!

Sunday Night Stew
From the Pioneer Woman

Thursday: New recipe: Slow cooker chicken cacciatore

Great, flavorful slow-cooker meal. This took a little prep to chop the onions, pepper, and mushrooms, but you pretty much throw everything else into the crock pot. I used sweet yellow onion, instead of white, and used far fewer mushrooms, but overall, this worked very well, and was ready in 6 hours. We served it over GF pasta, making it a delicious, hearty meal. (Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore 7pp) ekw:

Friday: We didn’t go out to dinner last week, so we will probably try to do so this week.

Saturday: New recipe: Buffalo chicken chili

This week is not much of meal plan honestly. With working so much, it has been difficult to get my act together. I’ve been going for easy things that can carry us through the week. The crock pot has been my bestie. What is your favorite slow cooker meal?


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