Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Whoops… I forgot to schedule this post for yesterday! Here it is today!

I have been in a super yucky stuck-in-the-mud rut. But today is not the day for that. Today is the day for celebrating that I got through this week of working my tail off during this bout of the blues and focusing on the things that I currently love this week. Beside the family, obviously, because they always top my list.

I am thinking of having a small Halloween dinner party for Logan, the boyfriend, and me so I’ve been scouring the internet for spooky, festive food. Little Lo isn’t allowed soda usually, but this Halloween drink might make me make an exception!

fun and easy halloween drinks with eyeballs and peep straws---a girl and a glue

I have pretty full lips, so I usually shy away from darker lip colors, but seeing this picture makes me want to try some out! Maybe trick or treating in a witch’s hat is the perfect time to try it out?
MAC Sin Lipstick (Pro) with Currant Lipliner. Gorgeous combo for fall: And for some educational fun for the kiddo, this is one of my favorite ways to practice things like sight words, basic math facts, letter sounds, etc. Ghost are a perfect way to do it this time of year! Find out more about the idea from Nurturestore.

Great fun! Halloween math games with 'magic' appearing answers.

I love holidays. Just sharing these few things make me excited for the upcoming week of celebrating!


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