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Friday Favorites// Make up Edition

This week has flown by! I can’t believe it is already Friday again! I’m quite happy about it, but I did enjoy the work week. The children I’m working with are lovely and I have been having a nice time there. It makes me want to have my own classroom again whether than being in special education or elementary education. I keep checking for new jobs but so far, I haven’t found anything with promise. It is disappointing. I’m making half of what I would make teaching, and doing exactly the same thing every day pretty much. Either way, once i have more money, these are the things that are on my wish list!

I have been wanting to expand my make up collection. I watched this video, and it made me want to learn about contouring so I my face can look thinner, until I lose a little more weight. Seriously… watch this. It is like magic. I’ll wait…….

So now, I want a contouring set. Like Kat Von D’s from Sephora.

She talks about this foundation that makes her skin flawless. She won me over right there. I have struggled with acne my entire life, even as an adult. This foundation is very very pricey, but if it is magic, I would happily save up and use it. Besides…. it’s a wishlist!

I also struggle with not getting enough sleep and allergies so I naturally have dark circles under my eyes. I have tried almost every kind of drugstore brand out there, and they are ok, but I want to look refreshed and like I always get enough sleep or never sneeze because I’m allergic to everything in the world that grows outside. This Erase Paste might be worth a try!

And finally…. I’ve heard tell of a red lipstick that looks good on every skin tone. I have very full lips, so I usually don’t do red lipstick, but now I’m desperate for some Ruby Woo in my life.

Do you have any must have beauty items? Or things I must simply check out? Leave a comment so I can dream shop some more!

Also, did you know Life Already in Progress  has a facebook page? You can find it here!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites// Make up Edition

  1. ruby woo is EVERYTHING!! I have not met one person, regardless of the shade of their skin that ruby woo doesn’t look perfect on!! get you one!!


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