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Friday Favorites

I didn’t even realize yesterday, but it was my hundredth post! I can’t believe I have stuck with this thing for so long, and am still loving it!Blogging has acted as a outlet for me in a time when I really needed one. So I’m sure I won’t be tiring of blogging any time soon! Thank you to those who have stuck with me and those who have just started on this little blogging journey with me! This Friday I am sharing just random things that I have been seeing about Thanksgiving as the United States will soon be celebrating this day!

I found this printable and think I will print it out to pass out to Logan and my students. I think it is so important to foster gratitude in children. It allows children to think about all the things they have to be thankful for!

This free project is all about gratitude!How do you teach gratitude in your classroom? This differentiated activity can enhance your discussions about recognizing all of the things we have to be thankful for. Sometimes it can be difficult for students to realize that many things are taken for granted, so a list of pictures have been provided to help with your group discussion.:

You can get this free printable here!

I plan on sending this in for Logan one day for snack! How cute is these turkey cheese and crackers?
Turkey Snack: cheese and crackers:

Lastly, I adore, love, want to diy a memory tablecloth. It would be exciting to add to it every year!

Memory Tablecloth  Time to pull out the memory tablecloth again this year for thanksgiving.:

Want more Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board!



One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. One thing that intrigues me, anyhow, is the second Native American component and the apparent consistent presence of both NA components among Europeans since K=3. Is it Siberian legacy or some sort of random noise? No, Maju, it just shows how incompetent this group of scientists are in completely separating Europeans from Native Americans (also from sub-Saharan Africans looking at the sub-Saharan African components among Europeans). Of all the initt-conrenental STRUCTURE analyses I've seen so far that includes Europeans, this is the worst in this respect.


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