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Binge-worthy// Orphan Black

The other day I was sick of all my Netflix shows. I had just finished watching a series and nothing seemed appealing. So, I decided to go for the Amazon Prime for the free trial of instant streaming titles.

When I saw Orphan Black was on there, I added it to my watchlist. One night when I couldn’t sleep I put it on, and I was hooked!

It is basically starts as a story of a girl, named Sarah, who is trying to fix her life. She is leaving an abusive relationship and calls to see if she would be able to reconnect with her child while at a train station. As she gets ready to leave the station, she notices a woman with her back to her taking her shoes off and leaving her purse next to them. She turns to face Sarah, and Sarah is shocked to see the woman has her face just before she jumps in front of a moving train and kills herself. Sarah, being down on her luck, steals the lady’s identity and discovers a whole world of people that are well exactly her.

I love this series. I watched the first two seasons, and would recommend it to anyone that likes stories with lots of twist and turns that build on each other! What have you been watching lately?




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