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101 in 1001 update

A little bit ago, I decided to participate in the Day Zero project. I have completed 21 things so far.

Here’s what I accomplished:

1. Start a blog
2. Go on a picnic
3. Have a family game night

4. Make bread from scratch

5. Tie dye something

6. Make a new friend

 7. Go a month without buying anything that isn’t a necessity
 8. carve a pumpkin
9. No fast food for a month
 10. Make a birthday cake for someone
 11. Make money on my crafts
 12. get a second car
13 Write 101 blog entries
 14. Watch a meteor shower
15. Adopt a pet that needs rescuing
16. Run through the garden sprinkler
17. Ride a camel
18. Get a dog
19. Take a painting class
20. Create a herb garden
21. Make a fairy garden
It has been a lot of fun so far! Check out the rest of the list here!

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