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On love and other matters

The boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now. We got together at a weird time….. while I was dealing with the ending of my marriage so he has seen me through all of this divorce stuff. I’m not sure why he would want to stick around for that, but he did and he does. I have never in my life known such support from someone. I didn’t have it as a child and I didn’t have it in my marriage. There is just this complete and total feeling of him being there for me no matter what. It feels wonderful. It feels scary.

I haven’t finished writing our story, on this blog, but tonight I felt compelled to write about my relationship. My family does not support it. It is just another reason that they can alienate me. It is okay. They might not understand but then again, they never really did understand me. It makes me happy. I find myself laughing out loud, and I had forgotten what that sounds like and how much I like to do it. I don’t understand how someone can be so kind. It is unlike anything I ever felt before. And I need to go where the love is. Right now, in my home, it surrounds me.




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