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Beginning to look like Christmas

I’m not a big black Friday shopper. I don’t go on Thanksgiving or wake up early for deals. I know some of my friends are super into it and they seem  like they have lots of fun every year. And although I post my Friday favorites which sometimes seem like a wish list for myself, I actually rarely buy anything for myself. It is not because I want to be a silent suffering martyr or something like that, but because I would rather give to the people I love a hundred times over than buy the complete series of Boy Meets World.

I get a lot of joy from giving and making memories and that is perfectly okay with me. That being said, I don’t believe that material things buy you happiness, at least for me. But I must admit that I am quite excited for Christmas with the little one this year. Our elf will be visiting soon, and there is lots of fun winter festivities that we do every year. Last year, I was still a stay at home mom looking for a job so Christmas was a little stressful, although the little one never knew. This year the boyfriend and I have squirreled away a little money here or there to buy the whole family a gift. A new computer, which Logan wants to play Minecraft mods and make his very own videos that he will upload to a private channel for family. I can barely wait to see how excited he will be! Having a little one a Christmas really does make it magical for me and that is the best gift of all!


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