What I learned in 30 days

So bloggy-friends, today is the day! The last of the November challenge to write every day. AND…. I did it. When I accepted this challenge, I thought, no way. I will get too busy pinning things to Pinterest or binge watching a new Netflix show, but even though I did those things I wrote too.

Here is what I learned:
Some days I didn’t have anything to say. I still showed up.

Even if you half ass it, it is better than no assing it. Yes, I just made that phrase up, you are welcome to it.

People out in the world are far more lovely than not.

If you set a goal, just trying it is half the battle. Once the ball is rolling it is easier to continue than to stop.

This blogging thing is kinda fun most of the time. I think I’ll keep it.

xo, Justine


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