November Goals// How I did

Now that November is over, I am looking at my goals and seeing how I did. October kinda was a goal fail for me, but this month was much better and more promising!

Parenting:  It is my little one’s seventh birthday this month. Plan a party. Make his day super special. The boyfriend and I saved up to get him a video game he really wants…. Lego Dimensions, so I am excited to give it to him! I did this! We didn’t have a big birthday party, but we celebrated at home with a family party! And we gave him his gift which he loves!

Love: Make an effort to do one surprising thing for my love once a week! I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful. I got him a special surprise while I was out one day. Another time, I left a note or sent a loving text, etc. I’m doing okay, I think.

Family: Celebrate Thanksgiving with a home cooked meal! Accomplished! Still LOVING the leftovers!

Household: Let’s try this one again. I am going to get rid of 100 things.   Look for a long frame at Goodwill so I can make a menu to display on the kitchen wall. I got rid of about twenty things. I am still looking for a frame. I haven’t found one I like!

Blogging: Blog every day for NaBloPoMo! Yay!!!! I did this! I can’t believe I did, but it was fun most of the time!

Budget: This month is a huge money suck for me. I have to pay to renew my teaching license. Birthday party and start Christmas shopping. I want to save enough for our family’s big present…… a new computer. Okay, sooooo…. I renewed my license, started Christmas shopping and bought the new computer! So far not too bad!

Health: I started walking. But now I need to up it a bit, so I will try again. Exercise at least three times a week. Start a food journal. Egads, no way. I have some more posts planned about this topic coming up this month.

This and that: Super secret goal. Try to make an effort to reconnect with friends. Get pictures for Christmas cards. I decided with relationships being what they are, that I won’t be doing Christmas cards this year most likely. I will let Logan make cards for those he wants to. Maybe his elf, could prompt this activity one day!

Honestly, I didn’t think I would accomplish half of this this month, but I did. I feel so happy to acknowledge the positive changes in my life rather than focus on the less positive. I’m already thinking about December’s goals, but even more so, I am thinking about the new year and how to make a change for the better!


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