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Meal Plan// Week of 12/6/15

Last week, I slacked on the meal planning, because of Thanksgiving leftovers of all sorts. This week I’m back to planning a weeks worth of dinners!

Tonight we are having pork tenderloin with veggies and spaghetti, garlic, and oil pasta.

Monday: Pizza night!

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner! Eggs of all kinds, etc.

Wednesday: I’m breaking out the crock pot and making fake-out take-out. Beef and broccoli over brown rice!

One of the easiest take-out, fake-out meals ever! Make this beef & broccoli at home in your slow cooker!

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: New recipe: Crock pot pork chops and stuffing with applesauce


Saturday: soup of some sort, I haven’t decided what kind yet!

So, basically a super simple week with things we have on hand for the most part. We haven’t had lots of funds lately, so we are using up as much as we can around the house? As for soup ideas, what is you favorite kind?


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