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One Word

It is only one more day until Christmas, but my mind has been thinking about the new year for a while now. I love making resolutions, but this year, I am thinking of adopting a single word that I want to encompass my year. The idea came from here, at One Word.

This single word is supposed to give you purpose and direction in intentionally living your life the upcoming year. I started thinking about it months ago, and only one word popped into my head. Light.

Gabrielle Bernstein (GabbyBernstein) on Twitter:

If you had to pick one word, what would it be?


3 thoughts on “One Word

  1. Hi. I chose the word light this year also. I want to be and spread light, I also read this LIGHT -Living In God’s Heavenly Truth – I really liked that. And thirdly I want to lighten my load this year. Meaning I am going to giveaway, throw away I hope 1/3 of our stuff. I want to be much lighter in many ways next year.


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