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Friday Favorites

Merry Christmas, my friends! Today is my favorite holiday of the year, although I must admit that I wasn’t feeling quite festive the past couple of days since the little had to go to his dad’s house for Christmas eve. But this morning, I picked him up and it felt right again to have this excited little one. Even though it sounds cliche, Christmas with kids is magical. The excitement, Santa, the Christmas pjs, I love all of it. Here are just some of my favorites today!

This kid, waiting to open his big present from the boyfriend and me! Props to the love for finding a box that would fit over the entire thing for the big reveal! And I  know that the kiddo needs a hair cut, but he is liking it long and shaggy these days and I’m giving him autonomy over his own body so, long shaggy it is.


And this picture is a needle point I found at Goodwill for two bucks a while ago. I want to spray paint the frame white, but the boyfriend surprised me by hanging it up.


It makes me smile, because my heart is full of love for those people in this house. I’ve had a rough go of it these past few years, but these two people are my heart.


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