Family Approved Meals #1

It is hard to find food that everyone agrees on. I like all kinds of fruits and veggies. The kid likes less, and the boyfriend hates almost anything green that grows. I’m not going to lie, since the boyfriend took residence here with us in our cozy little abode, I have been majorly spoiled since he has done the majority of the cooking. He is a cook, so we usually get loads of varied yummy goodness every night. But here are a few of the recipes that I have found that everyone can absolutely agree on and cause no grouchy seven year old faces at the dinner table!

Pepper steak is such an easy, quick go to meal when no one really feels up to standing over a hot stove. It contains veggies and we usually serve it over brown rice. If peppers aren’t in season, I save money by buying the three blend frozen pepper strips and toss them in closer to the end.

Pepper steak: image from Skinnytaste

Another favorite that doesn’t require much after prep work is the Pioneer Woman’s beef stew. We usually have mash potatoes frozen from when we make a big batch, and I pull it out the day before to let it defrost before prepping for the stew. We almost always have this stuff on hand, plus, I usually can get a big pack of stew meat and divide it to freeze for a family of three size portions.

Sunday Night Stew
Pioneer Woman’s Sunday Night Stew: image from Pioneer Woman

My whole family really enjoys Chinese food. Our budget doesn’t really lend itself to ordering take out very often though. So we often try to recreate some of our favorite options at home. Just like pepper steak, I love pork fried rice. But this Weight Watcher’s version is easily just as, if not more tasty. Plus it is healthier, since I eliminate the pork and swap out for brown rice.

Image from Weight Watchers

So this is what we have been eating lately. What is a family favorite in your house?


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