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December Goals// How I did

December was sheer craziness. So busy, but apparently I decided it was the month that I would try to do approximately seven billion things. Surprisingly, I did accomplish a lot of what I set out to do.


  • Take Logan to the special luminary walk around our town: We got the flu, so we weren’t able to do this.
  • Celebrate by our great cookie baking extravaganza. Totally did this. Ate loads of cookies, my butt isn’t thanking me for this, but soooo yummy. 
  • Institute a new Christmas eve tradition. Yes…. well the evening of Christmas since he wasn’t home Christmas eve! 
  • have a nice home cooked family dinner and play with new toys! Yes and yes. I challenge any of you to a JUST DANCE competition. 


  • Late night movie night after the kiddo is asleep. Yes. Christmas movies forever! 
  • A night out on the town. My love had a birthday, ten days before mine and we went out for a special dinner at a new restaurant with yummy drinks! 
  • A family outing, complete with hand holding and hot cocoa in hand. We did this during winter break! Minions movie for free. It was fun!


  • Organize, clean, de-clutter linen closet. Nope. Nope. Nope. 
  • Return recycling. I did this. Got a bunch of money back and helped the earth! 🙂
  • Organize and clean the kiddo room! A GIGANTIC NO. It looks terrifying in there! 

Blogging: Nope. I did none of this. I was too tired after educating kiddos who were SUPER excited about Christmas all day to give much attention to my blog this month. 

  • Fix up the category headers
  • Participate in Blogmas: 25 Days of blogging
  • Find a new blog a day to follow


  • Observe the preferred local school achievement test. Trying to work on a time to do this. 
  • Ask people to write me letters of recommendation. Planning on doing this when I go back
  • Finish out my long term sub placement- Now is part time until she returns full time. They seem to want to keep me around though, so I’m okay with that. 


  • Find another long term sub position. Looking, but no luck yet. 
  • Find a jug to put all spare change in. Yep. It is huge…… that’s what she said. 😉
  • Sell some things no longer in the house no longer in use. So far I’ve sold one thing. But I’m posting things constantly and hopefully people will be interested. 

Health: I wish I could say that I was super healthy and accomplished just one goal this month, but no. I ran on coffee, wine, cookies, and stress. But things are a-changing this month….. the cookies are all gone, because I ate them all. 

So, 2015 closes with mixed success. But I am continuing with setting goals in the new year. It gives me something to work towards, and it feels good to accomplish at least some things.



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